Wednesday, October 18, 2006

Not allowed to play Tag?

Check out this crazy article. Ok, this just seems really nuts to me. Are parents trying to take away the ability for kids to be kids? I thought that things were bad enough for kids as it was without sandboxes (might be parasites), metal slides (too large, might fall off), large wooden structures to play on (wood is hard), any gravel play area (rocks might hurt) and so on. It also shows what living in a litigous society will do. Not letting kids play with any contact in case the school gets sued. So essentially they are saying, kids can do this, just not on school grounds so you cant sue us.

I can't imagine my childhood without playing Tag (freeze tag was also a big favorite), dodgeball, bumper cars (run into each other at full tilt, see who stayed standing the longest), and other games that involved running after each other and trying to catch other people. Unless you have a disease causing brittle bones, there should be no reason not to do this. I got hurt, probably fairly often, although nothing too serious. Games like these helped me learn my limits, and to evaluate rewards vs risk (I could catch that person, but I might fall while doing it).

I know parents want to protect their children, and schools dont want to be sued, but this seems crazy. I think all we are doing is raising a generation of children who constantly expect their parents to bail them out when they do something wrong ("protect them"), or are not willing to take any responsibility for their own actions, and will sue the person with the most money when anything bad happens to them.

Of course, the article didn't mention whether the play area was a field or a paved lot. Not that it should really matter, because kids should be able to play tag out in the field and dodgeball on the paved lot, during recess, before school and after school. I just hope the parents dont sue the school because their kids are putting on weight from lack of physical activity during recess.....

But thats just my two cents worth.

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