Monday, October 16, 2006

Nalgene bottle VS HRM bus


Many of you are probably familiar with the Nalgene bottles found in large numbers today, especially on college campuses. I have had one for about 4 years, and about 4 weeks ago I bought a new one. This morning, it fell out of the side pocket of my bookbag as I was getting off the bus, and ended up underneath a halifax regional municipality bus.

Amazingly, the thing survived, with just some damage to the top:

Which ocurred when the top popped off and the bus tire went directly over it.

The rest of the bottle just has a few scratches.

Unfortunately, it no longer seals properly due to a dent in the lid from being run over. So today I went and got a new one. Hopefully I will try not to get that one run over as well.

I dont know if it shows up well in the picture, but the white line not quite halfway across the bottom of the lid is a ridge from being squished.

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Andrew said...

Only you would be foolish enough to test and see if a bus could beat a nalgene bottle... jk. I remember someone years ago had dropped one accidently under a semi truck, and it survived, not sure about the cap. The worst I've done to mine is freeze a full litre of water in it. The bottle expanded a little, but once the water was thawed the bottle was good as new. If buses, mac trucks and freezing water won't hurt them I'm not sure what will...