Friday, April 28, 2006

No posts? How come?

Wow, looking back at the date stamps on my posts, I was actually doing pretty good for a while. At least once a week after I started this thing. If anyone is actually checking this space regularly, I'm going to warn you now that I don't think you will see very many posts for the next while. In fact, updates will be coming probably even slower than they have been lately. If you are wondering why, it's not because I don't have anything to write about, far from it. I think right now I have actually three different posts I'm working on. Of course these actually require some research, some thought, and maybe more reading, prayer and introspection.

The reason is the fact that I am getting married in 21 days, and then taking off to Mexico for a little while. So between stuff that needs to get done for the wedding (I know, we should probably have it all done by now, but that is life isnt it?), moving stuff, and of course my regular job, I just dont see this getting updated very much for a time. And then of course Sarah and I will be getting ready to move to our new apartment soon after the wedding. So if you dont see many posts up here for a while, this is why. Not that I think many people who read this dont already know about the wedding, but you never know. So thanks for reading, and I will be writing more thoughts up here eventually.General_

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