Wednesday, May 31, 2006

back from wedding and vacation

Wow, its hard to believe that it has been 11 days since the wedding. I've been a married man for 11 days. Crazy. It is really taking a while to sink in, mostly I think due to how little has really changed in our relationship since we got married. I mean sure, our personal life has changed, and we are now living in the same apartment, but how we interact and how we treat each other is still the same. So it's been a little surreal. Mostly its been tiring. Getting ready for a wedding, and then travelling to Mexico, and coming back was a very tiring experience. I think we are both just really starting to recover from it all.

On the other hand, it has also been an incredible experience. I want to thank everyone who came to the wedding (all 170 of you, wow, what a crowd of people), as well as everyone who helped us get everything done for the wedding. Especially our parents, without whos support there would not have been much of a wedding at all, nor much of a honeymoon (thanks to both moms and dads). I also want to mention how wonderful everything was, and that we wouldnt change a thing. I know I personally kept making the joke during the planning that we should have either eloped, or just gone to a resort to get married and told people where and when. However, in retrospect, I think that everything was wonderful, and a completely seperate honeymoon is definitely the way to go (keep that in mind as you plan your own wedding Dan).

So when will I get pictures up from the wedding and honeymoon, or even an actual post about it all? Thats a good question. We dont have many pictures from the wedding as of yet, as there werent many taken using my camera, and we are still waiting for pictures from the photographer. The honeymoon pics I just need more time to go through a little more, and then I willl probably start putting them up, as well as a running commentary about the trip (leaving some things out of course). If anyone reading this was at the wedding, and you have any pictures you would like to share, either by sending them to us or through a website, please feel free to send them to us or send me a link to a website where they can be viewed, that would be great.

Before I close, I do want to mention one more thing. The last day in Mexico, Sarah and I went to this little spa in Playa del Carmen, Kristines. They have a massage room with two massage tables, and do full body relaxation massages for $35 USD/person, so Sarah and I got a massage together. It was worth every penny, and was at least as good as any spa massage offered by the hotels. It is just by the Playacar side of Playa del Carmen on 10th avenue. If you are there, check them out, I am sure that Jenny & Karla will set you up. General_<\span>

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