Sunday, April 23, 2006

Friends moving on ...

Well today it became official, the pastor and the youth pastor at our church have left. Today was their last day at the church. It was a very emotional time after the service when the announcement was actually made. Given all the issues involved, it was not surprising that they were leaving, and I know that personally I have been pretty sure that they would be leaving for at least a month now, and I know I did a lot of greiving when I first found out what was going on. But knowing something is going to happen and having it happen are two very different things, as I found out today. I know what will probably be even harder will be going to church next sunday and not seeing them there, that will be when it really starts to sink in.

I know I will miss them terribly, I already do. But I also know that I will continue to see them, to talk with them from time to time, and continue to learn from them. Heck, even in this entire circumstance I have learned much from them. And I promise that I will not forget what they have taught me about Christ and God and what they have done for my relationship with Him. I also know that God has plans for them both, and I wish them the best in their continued ministry. And who knows what the future holds besides God?God_, General_

[Listening to: Say a Prayer - CeCe Winans - Wow Hits 2003 (1 of 2) (4:16)]

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