Sunday, April 23, 2006

New.... categories

Allright, I know I started this blog with the intention to talk mostly about life, science and God. But obviously I tend to drift outside of that, and I would like to post links to interesting technology stories I've seen, as well as just talk about general stuff. So, thanks to a bit of research and the magic of search indexing and CSS, I'm putting up categories on the site. I'm hoping this will make it easier for people to look for posts that may be of interest to them. Anything about God will be under "God", including my journey coming to Christ, science and technology news as well as articles just about science and technology will be under "Science / Tech News" (I might divide that up into my own posts about tech and then news, I'll see how it works) and then there is a "General" section.

I hope that this helps people get around the site. It will take me a little bit to edit the posts in order to add categories to what I've already posted, so please be patient. If you use Blogger for your own site, then you might want to check the site where I got the info for doing this. General_

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