Tuesday, February 28, 2006

What's new ...

Wow, ok so that's quite a title. Depending on how I decide to interpret that, I would probably never stop writing, and therefore my life would get pretty dull after that, and I would have nothing new to talk about. So I'll try to keep it relevant.

My Mom has decided to throw Sarah and I a "jack'n jill" wedding shower. For anyone who doesn't know, that is a wedding shower for both the groom and bride. I think it's awesome, I just have to drive a few hours to see a bunch of people I haven't seen for a long time and they will give us presents? Although I could care less about the presents, I'd much rather just spend time with people who want to celebrate our coming wedding.

Even though I have a ton of work to do, and could really use the time this weekend to do it, I think this trip will be good for me as it will force me to relax, as I will have no time to do anything this weekend, and it will all have to wait until I return. Speaking of work, if you can find a school for graduate studies that does not require a bunch of classes and a preliminary oral exam for the Ph.D. program, then go there. And don't make the mistake of planning a wedding during a busy semester (like the same one that your prelim will be in). It makes a for a lot of stress about everything. I've never prayed so much for strength, wisdom, and the ability to travel forward in time to when it will all be over. Seriously, what a term, and there is still so much left to do.

Of course, hand in hand with work is the ability to procrastinate (or do other things that seem so much more important). Some other things I have been spending my time on include this blog, checking out interesting stories submitted to Digg (check it out, like Slashdot but better), and wasting more time using my Stumble! toolbar in Firefox. I'm still trying to figure out where I get the time to send out wedding invitations, watch the odd movie, spend quality time with Sarah, read books from the Dune series (I'm up to House Corrino now), watch House (great show, I really need to rent the 1st season), CSI (original mostly) and Survivor (still formulaic, and yet still entertaining), read my bible and keep involved in Uplift. Obviously I'm not working hard enough! :) I shouldn't forget downloading and slowly watching all 3 seasons of Gargoyles (what a great cartoon).

I should probably stop here, or I could probably ramble on all night, and that might scare away anyone who actually takes the trouble to read my odd ramblings. G'night folks.

For anyone who hasn't seen me in a while, I now have even less hair, and there is a lot more gray in what is left. Ah well, good thing I never became a supermodel.General_

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