Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Deadly Storms?

So I was watching The WeatherNetwork this morning before I head off to work, as I do most mornings to get an idea of how I should dress for the day and see what to expect for weather for the next few days. Following the local forecast, the news feature started. Now for those who don't know, southern Ontario had some very severe thunderstorms on the weekend. I had seen some coverage of those storms on The WeatherNetwork, and yesterday they reported that one, that is one person, a woman from Sarnia, had died from the storms. Understand, I think that it is tragic that anyone died from the storms.

However, imagine my surprise this morning to hear of the "Deadly Storms" in southern Ontario on the weekend. Wow! There must have been many more people killed during the storms than I thought! It should be all over the major newspapers and news websites in Canada! Nope. The only reported death I can find is still one, mentioned as another item in both these stories:


Yes, The WeatherNetwork is correct, the storm was deadly in that someone died. And again, I'm not trying to make light of the fact that someone died, however, "deadly storm" implies that there were many more deaths than one, and that from a lightning strike. I actually think it is amazing that with all of the toppled trees, downed power lines, and the amount of lightning strikes that only one person died.

I wonder how many people are dying from the typhoons and related weather in Asia? How many unborn children die every minute from abortions? Lets have a little bit of perspective.

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