Saturday, January 17, 2009

Some interesting things ...

Here is a roundup of some interesting things I've found laying around the web recently.

  • For those who like to listen to someone else read the Bible (or have trouble with some of the names, especially in the OT, Shephatiah?), anyone can listen to sections of scripture from the english standard version (ESV) over at You don't need an account to access it, and it seems to work much better than the system they have at BibleGateWay. Of course, there is only the one version, but I think it's a pretty darn good version (disclaimer: I recieved an ESV study Bible as a Christmas gift, and I really, really like it).
  • Pulpit Magazine is back on the air, and right now there is a really interesting series on the Doctrines of Grace, otherwise known as Calvinism.
  • I recently discovered the Blog of Tim Challies, whom I guess has actually been a longtime christian blogger.
  • Pyromaniac Dan Phillips sent an interesting letter out to some of our favorite pastors asking them whether or not they would accept an invitation to perform the prayer at Barak Obamas inauguration, and if so, what would they pray. The first response is here.
  • If you like cheesecake, you should check out the CheeseCake Customizer, which will let you come up with your own cheesecake recipes. I did one, and it looks pretty good. If anyone cooks it, let me know how it turns out.

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