Saturday, February 18, 2006

Leap of Faith

I meant to post this just after I finished talking about my own personal journey of coming to Christ, but forgot about it. So here it is.....

This post came out of a discussion I had with some other christians after Uplift the other night.

Accepting Christ for the non-christian is a leap of faith. Everything else in this world tells you that such a leap of faith will result in disaster. Imagine a deep, dark chasm, or a mountain cliff where you can't see what is at the bottom. A bunch of friends tell you that if you jump, there is a wonderful safety net at the bottom to catch you. But you can't see it, because it's so far down. You have to take it on FAITH.

If you jump, you are told that you will find love, peace and grace beyond imagination. But you can't have any of that without jumping. If you stay on your cliff, life continues on as it did for all the years before, with no reason for your existence, wondering what life is all about. But you at least think you know what life is about, and you feel safe.

Of course, if you do make the jump, you wonder why you had any disbelief about the wonderful, loving, amazing person who caught you as you took that leap of faith and accepted Him as your personal saviour, and why you never noticed him there before.

This is what it was like for me on my personal journey to knowing Christ. Making that jump, that is making the decision to believe God and that Jesus Christ is his son and your personal saviour. Afterwards, it seemed like such a small step on my journey to growing closer to God, but at the time it was a monumental decision. I think that no matter how close you actually are to making the decision to accept Christ or not, it is something that you know will change your life, whichever decision you make.God_

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