Monday, January 23, 2006

Why I didn't vote...

And it’s election night. I know a lot of people will give me a hard time for this, but I chose not to vote in this election. Therefore, I promise to do my best not to complain about the new government, no matter what it looks like. I think my biggest problem this election was not actually looking at what each party had to offer. But without doing that, and going just from what I saw on TV and heard in the news, here is why I didn’t bother voting.

Liberal: 90% of their promised agenda is stuff they already announced before the election. The Gomery inquiry. Not doing so great now, who is to think they will do any better?

Conservative: Much of what Stephen Harper said about the maritimes and his general attitude from last election piss me off. Not to mention forcing an election when Martin said he would call one in February. I like what I hear in general from the conservatives, but I can’t stand Stephen Harper.

NDP: As much as I like them, we all know they are not likely to form even a minority government. So voting NDP would almost seem a wasted vote (I know this isn’t really true, but if they aren’t in control (or there is for sure a minority government), just how much can they do?).

Bloc: right….

So, for better or for worse, I didn’t vote today. And I would imagine if you asked other people who didn’t vote why they didn’t, their answer would be what difference is it going to make, nothing is really going to change. If the conservatives get in, will they really stop misspending our tax dollars? Maybe for a while, until someone gets a little greedy. So, listen up party leaders. If you want my vote, why not try to find a real solution to some of our problems, instead of throwing money at the problem and hope that the voting public is blinded by the flash of green, red and brown in their faces.General_

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Andrew said...

You, try not to complain, that won't last an hour...:-p, if you didn't like what they had to say you should have spoiled your ballot. Its not only a right, but a responsibility to vote...Get your ass out next time, or I'll kick it right hard