Thursday, December 04, 2008

Parliamentry Coalition & Jobs

As I sit here watching Micheal Ignatieff go on about the possibility of forming a new government in January, and discussing the fact that it is all about jobs, I feel very disappointed. I really doubt that the basis of this coalition was made after Mr. Harper made his announcement, I rather think that this was only an excuse. Rather, I think that they are using that as an excuse, in order to appear that they are trying to do something for the people. However, only time will tell.

A comment was made that 1000 jobs were lost today in Grand Falls, ON. I am guessing that these jobs are related to the Auto industry. Now, don't get me wrong, I think that it is very unfortunate that 1000 people lost their jobs. However, I also believe that the automakers (especially the big three, Ford, Chrysler and GM) have severely screwed up in predicting how long oil prices would stay low and what kinds of cars people would buy. If they go to a government expecting a bailout without any kind of business plan on how they are going to spend the money they are asking for, I don't think they deserve any kind of bailout.

I don't even know if the American government should have bailed out the banks and other financial institutions that they did, as there was a severe need for some kind of market correction. However I understand the impetus to keep money flowing to keep businesses from collapsing, and that elected officials have to appear to be doing something for their constituents.

Of course this is all pretty ridiculous, as our entire economy was based on the fact that people would continue to spend more and more money every year. This is a logical fallacy that had to hit a wall at some point, and this year we saw it hit. Companies, and especially the stock market, are going to have to come up with lower expectations for businesses. Personally, I think the kinds of growth year after year expected of companies was pretty crazy, and in this economy it will be good if a company manages to be profitable at all.

I have a funny feeling that a lot of other people will disagree however. Just remember, that everything that happens is by Gods decree.

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