Sunday, May 13, 2007

Pain isnt that funny anymore

I'm sitting here watching Americas' Funniest Videos, and I realized that 90% of the videos on there involve someone experiencing what looks like some severe pain. And even if it is not really bad, they are still getting hurt. Furthermore, I realized that most of those I didn't find the least bit funny, and that out of the ones where someone did get hurt, those where pain would have been minimal I found the funniest.

It is incredible to realize that what much of the world considers funny, barely even registers a smile from me anymore, especially if it involves pain to another human being or animal. At one time I would have sat there and laughed right along with the audience on the show, and not had more than a passing thought about whether the person was seriously injured or not. It certainly makes me think of the Holy Spirit working within a person to change them.

Certainly food for thought.


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