Thursday, February 02, 2006

Lazy people!

Does anyone else ever notice that so many people are idiots when it comes to cleaning off their cars? On my walk to school this morning, I saw just a few cars owned by people who could not be bothered to clean off their entire cars, and left snow on their car roof's.

Unless you are severely vertically challenged, it should be possible to clean off your car roof. If you have a minivan and are not tall enough to reach your roof, invest in a broom, or a snow brush with an extendable handle. For vehicles like the big truck in the last picture, the employers should supply some method of cleaning off the roof.

Some of you may think I'm being a jackass, but you would be like this too if you have ever been driving somewhere and had a sheet of snow and ice fly off a minivan roof, and slam into your windshield. Especially if you are doing 80 kph in traffic, and all you can do is grip the steering wheel as you watch this sheet of ice fly towards you, and you hope that your car doesn't go off the road, and that the windshield holds. I know I was lucky, but I can imagine there are many others who wouldn't be so luck.

So please people, be considerate of others, there are enough hazards to driving in the winter, don't be lazy and stupid and add something that is easily prevented to the mix.General_

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Andrew said...

As much as I like to disagree with you, I agree 100% in this case. It is my biggest pet peeve in the winter. It aggravates me to no end that people can be so idiotic and not clean their car. They probably just don't want to stand in the cold for the length of time, especially with car starters. I'm glad I do'nt have a car starter, I clean the outside off while the inside and inside and engine are warming up. For once I can say why can't more people be like me!!!!
Peace out hommes, enjoy your snow, we can still see grass:-p