Thursday, January 12, 2006

Of theatres and DVD's, which is better?

Was reading an article on CNET news again today about the theatrical and DVD release of Bubble by Steven Soderbergh,which is being released in theatres, and then released on DVD only 4 days later, with the DVD being higher priced than a regular DVD. I honestly have no idea what the movie is about and don't really care, what interests me is the idea of releasing a movie only 4 days later in order to combat video piracy and keep revenues up. I'm not really sure if it will work out that way, but it's an interesting thought. Of course, all the theatres are saying that ticket sales will go down really quickly as soon as the DVD is released (from the article somewhere).

In talking about this with Hannes, he floated the idea of selling the DVD to theatregoers as soon as they exit the movie. I kind of liked this idea, as there should be no reason to keep those who really want to see the movie from seeing it, but those who enjoy the movie a lot and think they would want to buy it could do so right then and there. This would also allow for the regular DVD release schedule, and of course special editions and directors cuts (how I love the Lord of the Rings!). I don't know if it would work or not, but it might be an interesting experiment in keeping theatre sales and DVD sales up. Of course I still think the whole industry is making a killing by charging obscene rates for movies and concessions. Something to think about as I think the whole movie and music industry is going to be very different in the next 5 years (1 year, 10 years, who can really predict this stuff?).

Isn't it crazy that to see a movie in theatres on Friday night can cost over 1/2 the price of the DVD? That's why I let Sarah get movie passes from work and use those most of the time, which probably means I should spring for some food at the theatre every so often, seeing as how most times we don't even pay to get into the movie.

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