Sunday, January 15, 2006

Coming to Christ: Abridged version

Here is an abridged version of my journey to coming to Christ.

Age 12: Reject the notion of an almighty, powerful, loving God. Basically become an atheist for the next 8 years. Don’t believe in any kind of supernatural power.

Revisit this question on a personal level every couple of years, and think about what I know and how that affects my belief system.

Age 20: After life changing personal experiences, begin to believe in an all powerful force that could be considered ‘God’. Definitely do not believe that Christ is his son. Classified myself as agnostic, although not sure about this any more. Begin to question my assumptions about God, and religion especially a little more.

Age 25: Begin going to Uplift. Marc gives me a Bible to read as a present, and I also begin reading Purpose Driven Life (PDL). After being stuck on one chapter of PDL for 2 months, accept Christ into my heart. Life continues to be an amazing gift, and living for His purpose even more so.

As I said, this is the short version. If you want to take the time, then please feel free to read the likely much longer version of this story. If you are seeking, then I hope God uses my story to help you on your own personal journey.God_

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